2019-06-11: I Wish I Could See The World Through The Eyes Of A Child

2019-06-08: Because Goodbyes Are Difficult

2019-06-05: But It Rained

2019-06-05: Free? Seriously?

2019-06-04: Never Go To A Book Store Unprepared!

2019-06-02: A Luminous Interval 😊

2019-06-02: A Prince's Tent

2019-06-01: He Found God... In A Scooter!

2019-06-01: Which Color Do You Want?

2019-06-01: They Don't Read Books Anymore

2019-05-31: "I Hope That Speeding Car Ends Up Here!"

2019-05-31: Just Another Prisoner

2019-05-30: "4 am Knows All My Secrets!"

2019-05-30: There Is No Stories In This Photo But The Characters Here Tell Stories

2019-05-30: The Wait

2019-05-29: The Owl-less Owl Service

2019-05-29: An Anxious Corridor

2019-05-28: She Dreams With Her Feet

2019-05-28: Bukowski V2.0

2019-05-28: Closed

2019-05-27: Long Live Revolution

2019-05-27: Colours

2019-05-27: The Lost Morning Of Philomena Lee

2019-05-27: Just Before The First Rain

2019-05-26: A Well-Designed Traffic Jam

2019-05-26: “Nah, We Are Neither Malayalee Nor Bengali!”

2019-05-26: “Mamma, Look At The Camera Now. You Can Stare At Me All Through The Night…”

2019-05-26: Happiness Is Food

2019-05-26: He Knows

2019-05-26: And The World Came To A Standstill

2019-05-25: Melancholi

2019-05-25: I thought he was the cook!

2019-05-24: The Hullabaloo In The Newspaper

2019-05-24: Her hands have travelled more than her eyes…

2019-05-23: My Horizon

2019-05-23: The Great Indian Paan

2019-05-23: A languorous siesta

2019-05-23: Friends

2019-05-22: Jalebi ☺

2019-05-22: No playgrounds for us 🙁

2019-05-21: The Hanging Gardens

2019-05-20: Taco 🌮

2019-05-20: A Smile To Remember

2019-05-20: “I will play the drums!” “No, I will…”

2019-05-19: Take my hand, I will teach you to dance…

2019-05-19: Some nights you have nobody to return to

2019-05-18: No Letters In The Lunchbox

2019-05-18: Insomnia is not a bitch 😊

2019-05-18: Why on earth are both the lights on?

2019-05-18: Because it’s gonna rain today

2019-05-17: The Last Kiss

2019-05-17: The Bookaholic Chaywaali Aunty

2019-05-17: Nah, I am not going to look at him.

2019-05-16: A moment of deep introspection…

2019-05-16: There was no reason to click this photo 🙃

2019-05-15: Funny that roads look beautiful when they are empty… Not serving the very purpose for which …

2019-05-13: Mondays Are Beautiful 😊

2019-05-13: Insomnia…

2019-05-12: Sunday :)

2019-05-11: From The Archives